Happy Birthday Els Blog Hop!

Hi, everybody! Today I want will share excellent news with you. Elizabeth Craft Designs celebrates the birthday! And in honor of it all command of designers prepared for you Blog Hop. Each designer to make very beautiful operations therefore surely come to them into the blog.
And it is my card:

And of course won't do without gifts for you:
To celebrate Els' birthday, Elizabeth Craft Designs are giving out a gift when you place an order over $25 on the Elizabeth Craft Designs web site. You will receive 10 sheets of stickers with every purchase over $25This special promotion applies to all orders placed from today Thursday 15th March until the end of day on Monday 19th March.
      Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog

  • Tanja Kabel

  • Frances Byrne

  • Karen Nofziger

  • Samantha Klaebe

  • Christine Pooler

  • Selma Stevenson

  • EK Gorman

  • Laura Gilhuly

  • Luciana Telesca

  • Ekaterina Oleynik   you here

  • Sandy Diller

  • Marilyn Scheller

  • Sara Torzullo

  • Katelyn Grosart

  • Emilia van den Heuvel

  • Elena Anderson

  • Kelly Booth

  •  thanks for your attention. Your Dol4i.

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    1. Pink and green together are so fun and spring-y. Great card!

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